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Green Key

Environmental policies

Hotel Baía has made a commitment to reduce the impact of its activity on the environment, being a reference of Good Environmental Practices and means of dissemination to its clients and guests. It has therefore been awarded several certifications by renowned entities such as Green Key - an international award that promotes Sustainable Tourism in Portugal (of the Foundation for Environmental Education - FEE, Denmark); Green Leader, by TripAdvisor; Participation in the HOSPES program - Sharing is Caring, of the Portuguese Association of Hospitality, among others.


We can help change the world by alerting to the scarcity of natural resources and using them rationally. We want to meet your needs in a sustainable way.

We have adopted an environmental policy that mirrors our will. We are ambitious, for this represents big investments on equipment and training, but the end result is rewarding. Changing attitudes through the awareness of our employees, suppliers and customers takes time but we have been here for more than 5 decades, which means we are persevering.

To get to know us better, read some of the measures we have implemented and how you can help save the environment without reducing your quality of life;


We installed selective discharge systems; The change of towels is made at the guest's request; Bed linen is changed as required; We have leak detection systems; The taps all have water economizers; We control the quality of the pool water daily.

To reduce your ecological footprint:

Save on water and towels, wash your teeth with the tap closed, let us know if the tap is dripping, choose the shower and turn the tap off while soaping.


The electricity in the rooms is activated only when the card is inserted. We use only low energy lightbulbs (they save 80% of energy and last 8 times longer). The hallways are equipped with LED lamps. We have several meters to control consumption. In times of low occupancy we try to host all the guests in the same floor to save on lighting and air conditioning. The air conditioning in the rooms turns off when the balcony door is opened. We change the temperature of the pool water according to the seasons. Our computer equipment is all low consumption. The outdoor lighting is automatically adjusted. We perform preventive maintenance to keep the equipment clean (filters of air conditioning, motors of the cold rooms, etc.).

To reduce your ecological footprint:

Do not switch on the light unnecessarily; Do not leave equipment unnecessarily connected; Close the bedroom window whenever the air conditioner is on (and avoid its use); Turn off the television on the button; Inform us of any malfunctioning equipment.


We only connect the equipment when we really need to use them and always with full load. We control the water temperature of our boilers in order to minimize the consumption of gas, adjusting the temperature to the occupancy.

To reduce your ecological footprint:

Take quick showers with warm water. Reduce the use of towels.


We separate our waste and place it in the respective ecopoints. We reuse the back of the sheets of paper. We avoided printing e-mails. We turn old sheets into cleaning cloths. End-of-life equipment (cartridges, light bulbs, batteries, etc.) are returned to authorized collection companies. Food oils are handled by a proper company.

To reduce your ecological footprint:

Avoid producing litter and separate it (put recyclable waste in the paper basket in the room and the rest of the trash in the bathroom basket). Do not litter the floor. Leave used batteries on the desk of the room for collection. At breakfast, take only what you can eat, avoiding waste.

Social aspect

We are aware of the social problems that surround us. We want to help those who need it and so we contribute to charitable associations donating meals, clothing and equipment. We reduce waste and help those who need it most. In a society that is increasingly impersonal and unconcerned with the well-being of its fellow men, we want to make a difference by helping those who need it most.



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